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Barrington, Illinois
a seasonal children's consignment sale

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Consignor Guidelines

If you haven't registered yet, please visit the Consignor Homepage

Please read through the information provided on this page. Following the guidelines detailed here will help you have a successful and profitable sale.

Entering Inventory

Reactivating Inventory from Prior Sales

Toys and Non-Clothing Items


Hanging Items

Drop-Off Appointment & Inspection

  • All items must be hung and tagged prior to checking in at your drop-off appointment.
  • Bring a copy of your inventory log with you to your appointment.
  • At your scheduled drop-off time, your items will be inspected for the following
    1. All items must be hung on child sized hangers with the hanger opening facing to the left. Adult sized hangers may be used in sizes 8 and up as appropriate.
    2. All items will be checked for stains, rips, tears, excessive wear.
    3. All clothing items will be checked against the Brands Not Accepted List
    4. All clothing will be checked that it is seasonally appropriate.
  • Drop off appointments will be extended to 30 minutes. Please plan your time accordingly, as all consignors are responsible for putting items on the sales floor following their drop off appointment.
  • To expedite the process of putting items on the floor you can divide your items by gender and size prior to coming to your drop off appointment. Items do not need to be in inventory number order.
  • Your drop off appointment MAY NOT be during your work shift. If you schedule your appointment before your work shift again please make sure that you plan for enough time to put your items away before your work shift begins.
  • If you are unable to make your drop off appointment you must use the online schedule to set up another appointment. Only those with appointments will be allowed to drop off.

After the Sale

Need help? Contact us at or for live help call Jenny at 847-909-3996.