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Worker Registration

Work shifts are open for everyone!

If all work shifts are full, please continue to check for openings, as people's schedules will change. Work shifts are very limited at this time. There will be A LOT of changes to the schedule between now and the sale. There are additional shifts that will be added into the schedule once more of the drop off appointments are filled, indicating where the most help is needed. There will also be additional work shifts added into the presale days as the number of attendees for those events begin to solidify. All consignors will receive an email when new shifts are added.

There are always a lot of last minute cancellations. We have gone into every sale with at least a 1/2 dozen shifts that are dropped and never filled.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

  • Work Shifts are 3 hours.

  • Workers will handle a variety of jobs from setting up, sorting clothes, working the registers and helping with take down. Please wear comfortable shoes as you will be standing for the majority of your shift.

  • Children ARE NOT allowed with you during Work Shifts.


  • Consignors who work at least one work shift will earn an additional 10% of their sales.

  • Entrance to the presale is based on the number of shifts worked.

Click here to view the Work Shift Schedule

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